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Jennifer Comeau


I am a Guidance counsellor working in the education department for my 8th year, and a teacher previous to that. I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from St Thomas University, a Bachelor of Education degree at University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Education in Counselling and Psychology degree from Yorkville University.

I've spent many years working with kids from 5yrs old - 19 yrs old. Working both in and out of the classroom has given me great perspective on the needs of children. Now, more than ever, needing skills to cope, problem solve and work through many diverse situations. I love connecting with them and guiding them on their journey towards their unique goals. My aim is create a place where one can find comfort in learning through a child-centered and trauma-informed safe space.

With the wide age range, and developmental stages, I have many therapies that I use customized to meet each child at their level. This can be sometimes through Play, Art, Narrative therapies as well as Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy. I have additional training in ASSIST (suicide), VTRA (threat assessment), NVCI (non-violent crisis intervention).


My services are intended for school ages 5-18 yrs old


$120 plus tax

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