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Pamela MacDonald 


Licensed Psychologist

I am a licensed Psychologist, with a Master's degree in Counselling from University of Calgary, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Brock University.


I love my job! As I believe most people do, I love making a positive difference in the lives of others. Specifically, I enjoy connecting with clients, talking about real human emotion, thoughts and behavior, and analyzing the contributing dynamics to assist in growth and healing. For these reasons, my career is a perfect fit with my personality, interests and natural skill set.


My primary approach to therapy is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), which utilizes strategies to positively change thought processes and tendencies in order to improve mood. Co-occurring and other approaches being used, I also use client-centered therapy. The three hallmarks of Client-centered therapy are empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard. This allows clients to feel comfortable enough to explore issues and accept strategies for change, as well as accept themselves as an imperfect but worthy person. Other approaches I often use include solution-focused, which can include setting positive goals and behavior changes, motivational interviewing, which can help clients explore ambivalence with regard to change, and existentialism, which can include exploration of life's meaning and purpose.




Areas of concentration for individual therapy include: anxiety, stress, depression, anger, addiction, PTSD, self-esteem

Couples therapy includes focus on needs in the relationship, communication skills, attachment styles, and addresses other mental health struggles the partners bring to the table, as needed.



Sessions always begin with some degree of assessment, as seeing the full picture of what is happening in your life is essential to developing goals for therapy and setting a treatment plan. Often simple questionnaires are also used in session to gauge the degree of anxiety, depression or PTSD symptoms. However, if you want a more in-depth assessment, more complex testing (including the MMPI-2-RF and PAI) can be administered, which also include a written report. Testing is available in the following areas: Mood and personality, attention/ADHD, intelligence, and memory.



Session fee = $190/hr (most sessions are booked at 1 hour)

Testing fees depend on the test and level of reporting requested

The fee for forms and letters is based on the same hourly rate = $190/hr

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